Brett Ferringer

Business Systems Analyst


Operations and Customer Support

Subject Matter Expertise
Solutions Architect
Customer Advocacy / Voice of Customer

User Permission Security Policies

Root Cause Analysis
Universal Troubleshooting Process

Technical Project Leadership

Successful Project Execution

Project Scope and Planning

Stakeholder Expectation Management
Team Building
Cross-Functional Teams

On-Site Discovery and Execution

Needs Analysis
Critical Thinking / Problem-Solving

Research and Development

Agile Methodology

Technical Process Documentation
Business Requirements Gathering
Data Acquisition and Governance
Technology Evaluation and Strategy

Development Operations

Data Quality

Tools and Technologies


Python, JavaScript, SQL, JSON, VBA, CSS, HTML


MySQL Server, Microsoft Access, SharePoint lists, MS SQL Server

Data Visualization:

VIS.js, Tableau, Google Charts, Infowise Forms


SP Services, Papa Parse, Requests


Visual Studio Code, GitLab, Jenkins, SQL Server Management Studio, MySQL Workbench


Microsoft Windows, Linux, Citrix Xenserver, XCP-ng, VMware

Work History

Business Systems Analyst

FNB Bank, Pittsburgh, PA – 3/2021 – Present

Primarily serves as the Application administrator to the Argo, OASIS, Adobe Campaign Classic applications.

  • Upgrades the Middle Tier Argo and OASIS servers with the latest releases and patches

  • Uses VMware to connect to servers

  • Utilizes Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to preform troubleshooting, application fixes, and database maintenance

  • RDP’s into DEV and QA workstations to ensure that upgraded application is installed correctly

  • Remotes into Teller PC’s using Team Viewer to solve application issues brought up by an incident ticket

  • Runs Robotic Process Automation (RPA) scripts within FoxTrot to automate data entry processes

  • Uses Change Management to work changes through the Dev, QA, and then Production environments

  • Writes scripts as needed to automate tasks

  • Researching, designing and implementing SQL Server Reporting Services solution through the DEV, QA, and then PROD environments

Business Analysis Consultant

Started as Business Analyst and then promoted to Business Analysis Consultant

PNC Bank, Pittsburgh, PA – 10/2018 – 3/2021

Primarily serves as the solutions architect and data engineer for the model inventory management subsystem. Responsible for building out and administration of the data warehouse. Built self-serve and ad hoc reports on key model metrics. Built automated processes that run 80 percent of integral daily tasks.

  • Designing self-service analytics, visualization, and form applications within SharePoint that is used by cross-functional teams throughout the bank

  • Develops automated solutions with Python and SQL that will reduce/retire manual activity overhead from project inception to conclusion including integration, testing, and end-user training

  • Updates data warehouse with up to date data on a nightly basis

  • Utilizes root cause analysis to troubleshoot problems and fix them

  • Manages permissions through Oracle Identity Manager

  • Fills other gaps as needed including application support, procedure documentation, and other development activities

Personal Loan Specialist

OneMain Financial, Butler, PA – 9/201710/2018

  • Presented approximately 10 contracts ranging from $1,500 and $25,000 on a weekly basis

  • Educated customers on the terms and conditions of the loan

  • Created projection tool in excel that predicted branch performance

  • Analyzed applicants’ financial status, credit, and collateral to determine loan feasibility

  • Carefully analyzed documents and informed customers of missing or incorrect items

Sales Consultant

#1 Cochran, Natrona Heights, PA – 2/2017 – 9/2017

  • Built customer dashboard that visualized sales, font end financials, back end financials, and vehicle sales trends using HTML, PHP, MySQL, Google Charts, and CSS

  • Created finance log that finance manger used to analyze bank financial information

  • Processed loan documents to ensure the bank's underwriter receives the correct documentation for contracting

Senior Sales Advisor, ALP

DriveTime, Pittsburgh, PA – 6/20142/2017

Originally hired as a Sales Advisor and then advanced to Sales Advisor II, Senior Sales Advisor, and finally Senior Sales Advisor, ALP (Accelerated Learning Program)

  • Analyzed financial statements/credit information to provide recommendations for the funding of new loans

  • Managed team of 12 Sales Advisors to ensure our monthly goal was met

  • Ensured compliance during continuously changing underwriting environment

  • Produced automated dashboard using Visual Basic Application and SharePoint list data for forecast visualization that upper management used to make key decisions

Personal Projects

  • Set up Active Directory, DNS, and SMB server for a company of 5 employees using Microsoft Server 2019 and connected client computers to the Active Directory

  • Installed Zabbix agent’s for server monitoring within a Linux virtual environment at a small startup

  • Uses TrueNAS server for use of NFS, SMB, and iSCSI shares

  • Installed XCP-ng and Citrix Xenserver Hypervisor on a dedicated server to use for Linux and Windows Virtualization

  • Configured a Windows Server at home for an Active Directory, DNS, and SMB backup File Server

  • Utilizes Linux for LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Python) Server, CUPS Print Server, Gitlab, OpenVPN, Zabbix, and Jenkins server

  • Built PfSense Server for firewall, DHCP server, and to forward ports

  • Uses log files within Linux and Windows to help troubleshoot issues

  • Comfortable using Terminal (Linux) and Command prompt (Windows)

  • Utilizes SFTP, SSH to connect remotely to servers and move files between them

  • Manages servers with XCP-ng Center and Citrix Xen Center

  • Built rack mount server with parts found on the web

  • Understands computer hardware (Storage, Mother board, CPU, RAM, BIOS/UEFI, etc.) and how they work

  • Utilizes TCP/IP for all network related processes

  • Set up network switch, wireless access point, firewall, and modem for computers to connect to the network

Education and Certifications

Clarion University of Pennsylvania, Clarion, PA (AACSB International Accredited)
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, May 2014

  • Majors: Business Management and Human Resource Management

  • Minor: Marketing

  • Study Abroad: France, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, and Netherlands, December 2013

AZ-900 Certification, Microsoft, Certification ID: H678-1762

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals, February 2021

  • Cloud concepts, Azure services, Azure workloads, security and privacy in Azure, Azure pricing and support